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Asyric puts your privacy at the forefront of our achievements. Each user decides whether to use an existing or a new email account to register and decides on visibility for other Asyric users for complete anonymity. Not to mention that all your calls and messages are securely encrypted end-to-end. Read more about how important your privacy is for us here



Want to use the most advanced encryption in the market to communicate with your peers? It’s as simple as 1,2,3. 1-register in the Asyric app, 2-invite your peers, 3-call and chat worry free! Check-out user manual iOS or Android for details. Ready to download the app?


Communicate with confidence

ASYRIC secures your real-time calls and messages with the most advanced encryption system available in the market. Combining symmetric AES and asymmetric ECC encryption makes your communication completely private. Read more about our encryption technology here

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Complete Anonymity

Whether you choose to use your existing email account to register into Asyric app or create a new email just for the sake of complete anonymity, is at your full discretion. Your visibility for other Asyric users is entirely under your control. You may choose to invite only your selected communication partners for full anonymity.


All your calls and messages are protected with SES encryption technology combining public and private keys of sender and recipient for complete end-to-end security. Only the desired recipient may read and hear your communication.  All communication data is automatically deleted from the server once delivered.

No Backdoor

SES encryption technology for Asyric app was entirely developed by Salutis Systems, which is a privately-owned and independently-financed European company.  No government authorities or any other third parties have had access to SES making it the most secure encryption technology available.

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