What is ASYRIC ?

ASYRIC is a mobile application allowing the user to securily communicate with other users in the form of real-time calls and text messages.

What makes ASYRIC special?

ASYRIC uses the latest encryption for the communication security – the encryption is based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). The application not only enables secure messaging but also encrypted real-time calls.

On which mobile OS can I download the application?

Application can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. We will shortly introduce the desktop version for Windows and MAC OS X.

Is it possible to use the application on devices with no SIM card?

Certainly, the communication only requires internet connection.

How can I download your app?

You may download ASYRIC for your iOS device from the Apple Appstore and for your Android device from Google Playstore, or simply click on your OS icon in the Home section of our website: www.asyric.eu.


Why is it important to encrypt my communication?

Messaging and call monitoring has become an indisputable part of our lives. The times when monitoring was only a part of the movie script or affected only select groups of individuals and or organizations are long gone. It is in our best interest, being it a matter of enterpreneurs, businesses, corporations or any individuals to secure our privacy against unsolicited third-party interference leading to
– information misuse
– position/location and activity monitoring
– sensitive data hacking
– commercial secrets disclosure and many more

What makes the communication secure?

Communication security is ensured by encryption algorithm SES (Salutis Encryption System); read more

What makes SES exceptional compared with other algorithms?

SES algorithm is designed as the combination of specifically modified AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) widely used today and the latest viable encryption based on elliptic curves ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography). read more…

What is possible to transmit securily?

You can transmit text messages and real-time calls at present, however we are adding files and attachments transfer, shortly.

Who can see, read and monitor the communication between the users?

Only the intended individual users (sender and recipient) can access the information transmitted via a message or a call. There are obviously surveillance methods allowing communication capturing, however being unable to decrypt the data or knowing the private keys of the involved communication parties is what makes it impossible to decrypt the data transmitted, not even us.

What is stored on the server?

Only the necessary data for pairing the applications and communication are stored on the server. The actual communication is never stored on the server after delivery to recepient’s device.

Is the application approved by any renowned certifying organization?

The encryption is strictly based on mathematical algorithm SES, thus does not require further third-party certification, which may cause uncertainties about the security breach and/or ‘backdoor’ access.

Where and how are the encryption keys generated?

The encryption keys are automatically generated on the actual devices where ASYRIC is installed to maximize SES algorithm implementation and security.

How are public keys distributed?

Public keys are automatically distributed in the background between the devices while communication is established.

Are public keys accessible to anyone?

The user decides how accessible his/her public key is. It is indeed totally secure even in case the public key is publicly accessible anytime to anyone as its role is to establish the communication and does not affect communication security.

Is it possible to decrypt communication with the public key?

No, it is impossible to decrypt communication with the public key only. Knowing the private key as well is requisite for decryption.

Can someone get the private key based on the public key?

No, this is possible. SES algorithm uses public key encryption specifically because it is impossible to retrieve the private key.

Can the private key be decrypted by any application or a system?

None of the existing applications or systems are capable of decrypting or detecting the key used for SES algorithm encryption. It is highly infeasible that such a system will be developed to accomplish this.

So, not even the provider is capable of accessing my messages?

It is possible to get hold of encrypted messages given specific circumstances (physical device theft, malware infection of the device), however it is impossible for anyone to uncover the information in the message, not even our organization. So practically, such a situation is totally safe from the ASYRIC user perspective as all messages are encrypted with SES algorithm before they are sent to the recipient.

Is the communication secure in case only one of the users uses ASYRIC?

It is not possible, communication only works and is safe if both sides have installed ASYRIC on their devices.

Are my calls automatically secured when I install ASYRIC app or do I need to set it up?

When you first install the app, the necessary security operations automatically generate the public and private keys in the background for a completely secure and automated process. When the keys are generated and paired, the notification is displayed and you are all set to securely chat and call with other users. All necessary security operations are generated in the background without any need for user’s involvement for a completely hassle-free outcome.


Can I communicate with more than one user?

You can communicate with all the users in your contact list, however with only the selected one at once. We will provide multi-chat and group calls in the coming updates.

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Is it possible to install the app on numerous devices with one license?

You may use the application only on a specific device where you have purchased the license, especially for the sake of your utmost security. If you change your device however, your license may be transferred onto the new device with automatic generation of completely new keys.

Can I use my purchased license on a new device in case my device gets lost or stolen?

We can nullify your private key and cancel your license on the lost or stolen device and generate completely new private key for the new device.

How can I purchase multiple licenses?

For multi-license inquiries please contact us at support@asyric.eu.



– iOS 8.0 or later required
– iPhone, iPad, iPod touch compatible


– android 4.0.3 or later required
– mobile devices and tablets compatible

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